How To Get Started

Setting Up Electronic Forms Is Just Minutes Away

We want you to be focused on collecting data, not on figuring out how to create forms or how to use them. E-FormBuilder's platform is easy to set up and use - and that's how techology should be.

Next Steps?

1. Review Your Needs

The old saying is we don't plan to fail but we fail to plan. The same can be said about using technology. Knowing what you want to do with data forms is a critical part of your journty to success with E-FormBuilder.

Some questions to consider:

  • What data do you want to collect from your customers?
  • How many diffent forms will you need?
  • How many responses do you anticpate each month from all the forms you will be using?
If you need help exploring your data needs reach out through our contact form so we can get a better picture of your needs.

2. Pick Your Plan

Visit the plan options and determine which one bets fits your needs. Then simply Create your account and enroll in the desired plan. There are discounts for annual plan memberships but monthly is available too all starting for less then the cost of grabbing fast food.

3. Design and Create with Your Form

Forget the need for coding knowledge or experience! Building a professional web form is a cakewalk with e-FormBuilder. Simply sign up, choose your form from our templates, and personalize it with just a drag and drop.

Infuse it with your personality using your favorite fonts and colors, or pick from our elegant custom themes. Tailor the fields, pick the notifications you prefer, and integrate with any compatible third-party apps to streamline form submissions.

4. Publish Your Form

When you've tailored your form to your satisfaction, hit save and follow our handy guide to publish it on your website, just copy and paste, it's as simple as that.

Your new form can be effortlessly embedded on any page, displayed as a lightbox, emailed, or shared on social media. And with the e-FormBuilder custom API, you even have programmatic access, all fully mobile responsive, ensuring convenience for all users.

5. Take Control of Data

The e-FormBuilder automatically stores form submissions in a secure database. Access the Form Data Section to explore numerous options to process

Browse each entry, export data to Excel or CSV, conjure charts and graphs, and get a clear picture of your data landscape. You can even integrate any third-party application of your choice and elevate your data management strategies.

6. Enhance the Performance of your Form

e-FormBuilder extends a complimentary integration with Google Analytics and full access to native analytics integrated directly into your form.

With our professional performance analytics, dive deeper into your user data from your form. Gain insights on views, fill rates and submissions. The visually appealing charts provide a clear understanding of user behaviour such as conversion vs. abandonment. Harness this intelligence to fine-tune your forms and attract even more customers.

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