Reliable, fast, and secure online forms

With e-FormBuilder, you can now collect any data safely, with secure forms, without taking risks.

We know that there are many security threats, such as non-compliance with security regulations, insecure connections, and improper access. This is why you can now create beautiful, secure online forms with e-FormBuilder.

With e-FormBuilder, forms use encryption, malware, virus, and spam protection. With us, all your data is protected using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same industry-leading technology that banks use.

  • Secure & compliant data. e-FormBuilder takes your data security and compliance seriously because we understand the complexity of managing sensitive information. Using our online form builder, you can minimize your risk and focus on more critical tasks.
  • Quick integrations. We understand how important it is for you to have all your apps communicate with each other. This is why e-FormBuilder integrates with more than 3000+ apps through Zapier. We have out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, payments processors, and marketing apps, enabling you to connect your whole ecosystem and automate workflows. We even provide API access for more tailored integrations.
  • Backup & data recovery on edge servers. e-FormBuilder stores your data in AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centers across the US, EU, and Asia, and we back up all the data daily.
  • Bank-level data security. e-FormBuilder encrypts all data using the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data on the server at rest and a 256-bit SSL encryption for all data in transit.

All e-FormBuilder Features

Revolutionary and user-friendly platform to create forms!

e-FormBuilder was designed, built, and constantly developed with functionality and ease of use.

Embrace the freedom of connectivity!

Our absolutely seamless mobile and offline forms, and synchronization methods, empower you to soar beyond the confines of a constant internet connection.

Empower your experience

Unleash the power of the e-FormBuilder app and orchestrate unique events, personalized form fields, and much more with our dynamic conditional logic capabilities. Ignite your potential, transform your operations!

Experience unparalleled safety and adherence with our world-class security and compliance measures.

Harness the power of impenetrable AES-256 encryption, which secures your precious data both in transit and at rest. Our AWS servers, strategically located in an array of data centers throughout the US and Europe, are always ready to cater to your specific needs.

Powerful user management system

Offering differentiated access and operational control over the forms built with e-FormBuilder is paramount for a proper data governance strategy.

Mobile-friendly interface

It's not a surprise that nowadays, over 70% of users surf the internet and shop online using their mobile devices. e-FormBuilder forms are 100% responsive and optimized for small touch screens.

Tailored workflows and chain approvals

e-FormBuilder empowers organizations to streamline their decision-making and approval processes via automation and transparent digital workflows.

Dedicated account management

Your dedicated account manager acts as your delegate within e-FormBuilder, and rest assured that it will keep you up to date throughout all your projects.

Signature fields

With e-FormBuilder, you can capture signatures online by allowing users to sign your forms.

Embed images and videos

Now is easy to embed videos, maps, and widgets into your forms with e-FormBuilder.

Private forms (Internal forms)

Disable the anonymous access to your forms, and only you or your team will be able to submit entries.

Auto deactivation

With e-FormBuilder, you can easily limit how many entries a form will accept or set a date to limit access to your form.

Save & resume later

It's not a surprise that nowadays over 70% of users surf the internet and shop online using their mobile devices. Around is 100% responsive and optimized for small touch screens.

Theme designer

Build custom themes for your forms. Customize backgrounds, colors, spacing, and fonts without writing a line of code.

1000+ form templates

Choose a template from our gallery of more than 1000 templates, and create a new form with just one click.

Respons comments

With the e-FormBuilder app, you can add notes or comments to each user response. This way, you can keep a conversation with your team or just let some notes for someone to review later.

Advanced math formulas

Perform advanced calculations (including date calculations) in any form and set the result in form fields or other elements.

Forms performance, analytics, and interactive charts

With e-FormBuilder, you can know how many visits a user makes before sending in the form. You can interact with charts straightforwardly with just one click and see how a form performs.

Manage private data effectively with field encryption

When collecting personal, private, or sensitive data (name, address, phone, SSN, etc.) and/or working on security compliance. It will be easier if you take advantage of field encryption to ensure your user data is secured.

Custom data validation

With e-FormBuilder, you can validate any custom data entry. Custom data validation is useful when validating coupons, license keys, and IDs to ensure data quality.

Custom error message

With e-FormBuilder, you can customize any validation or error message on your forms and make them a little more friendly.

Integrate with 3000+ third-party applications

Apart from e-FormBuilder out-of-the-box integrations with popular applications and payment systems, we support zappier that allows you to connect with more than 3000+ applications.

Automatically generate PDF files

With e-FormBuilder, you can automatically generate PDF files from your forms. Personalize the look and feel of your PDF documents by adding your company logo, header, footer, paper size/orientation, font, color, and size.

Connect to your external database

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, you can connect to your external database and store all form responses.

Conditional emails and response messages

Depending on the submitted form data, you can set a specific response message to be emailed to specific email/emails or a specific response message to be displayed to the user.

European VAT regulations

With e-FormBuilder, you can ensure your forms meets the European VAT regulations. You can automatically charge the correct EU and UK tax rates based on the user's location while reverse charging B2B sales.

...and much more

Mobile screens

Seamless Integrations

After you build your forms and surveys with e-FormBuilder, you can connect them to more than 3000+ third-party applications. Apart from e-FormBuilder out-of-the-box integrations, we support zappier that allows you to connect with more than 3000+ applications. We even support you in integrating with our API for custom integrations.

Ready for Enterprise-Grade Security?

e-FormBuilder offers enterprise-grade security to all our customers. Platform reliability, data security, and compliance are top priorities as a full-service forms builder solution.

HIPAA Compliance

If you are working with medical patients, your organization falls under HIPAA compliance regulations.

Don't worry. e-FormBuilder has you covered.

GDPR Compliance

For all organizations operating in the EU, European Union regulators and local governments constantly scrutinize how you handle data.

When looking to be GDPR compliant, you don't need to worry when working with e-FormBuilder.

Full Submission Filtering and Control

At e-FormBuilder, you can protect all your forms with authenticated user access, custom availability, password protection, custom submission filters, and a few other control methods.

Network and Server Protection

The e-FormBuilder app runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and encrypts all data through 256-bit SSL connections, ensuring encryption of all data in transit.

We protect all your data through data encryption at rest with an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of 256 bits.

Virus and Malware protection

We use AWS hosting to secure data collection on each form created with e-FormBuilder.

All data is scanned daily for spam, viruses, and malware, and threats are carefully monitored and cleaned.

Data Backup and Recovery

All e-FormBuilder data is periodically and automated backed up, enabling point-in-time recovery for all data.

You can trust e-FormBuilder in storing, securing, and recovering your data, if the need should ever arise.

e-FormBuilder Forms

Applications and workflows

An internal communications strategy workflow reflects goals better and helps get everyone on board. With e-FormBuilder, you can prepare all your internal communications, events, training, or meetings, gather precious data regarding everyone's preferences, track progress, and much more.

Create an intelligent transfer form that can be filled automatically with any information and referred to an expert. Receive confirmation for transfer or options in case of a decline.

Using e-FormBuilder forms, you can easily plan and organize events and trade show participation, inbound marketing, lead magnets, and interactive presentations to boost your marketing.

You can create custom forms and workflows that can adhere to any & all types of Legal, Industry & Regulatory compliance (both US & EU standards).

The easiest way to streamline IT workflows is for IT support requests, change management, access approvals, and other IT service processes.

With e-FormBuilder, you can create automated billing and insurance information request forms that will put your workflows on autopilot.

With e-FormBuilder, you can automate patient feedback and rate satisfaction for your organization.

You can configure any web form and automate approval workflows for internal approval processes.

Using e-FormBuilder to automate accounting departments can yield many benefits, including:

  • reduced time and energy in managing paper;
  • an open and transparent audit trail;
  • the ability to set retention schedules by document type;
  • easier to manage and control increasingly complex compliance requirements;
  • eliminates misplaced or misfiled invoices;
  • reduces the cost of invoice processing.

Using e-FormBuilder, you can bring visibility to all your daily HR operations. You can automate HR workflows for employee onboarding, administrative assistance, and more.

Quick and Knowledgeable Customer Care

At e-FormBuilder, we insisted on keeping our customer support program in-house from the very beginning.

This decision has helped us to be in touch with day-to-day user challenges and has sharpened our ability to offer our customers the proper guidance at the right time.

How do we do it? Here is how in four easy steps:

support strategy

e-FormBuilder Team creates and implements our custom enterprise support strategies.

Image / Video Gallery

We search, identify and choose the most comfortable channels for our customers.

support cases

We have categorized all support case records to achieve the highest efficiency.

Video Popup & Embed

We prioritize all support requests for a minimum response and resolution time.